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Meghan Trainor’s album dropping in December!

Meghan Trainor’s lips may be moving on her new single, but no sound was coming out for about two months earlier this year when the All About That Bass singer developed polyps on her vocal cords.

“They were brutal,” says the 20-year-old singer-songwriter. Doctors put Trainor on complete voice rest, forcing producer and co-writer Kevin Kadish to build tracks for her debut album for Epic Records using demo vocal takes Trainor had recorded as guides.

When she finally started to sing again, Trainor would get discouraged because her voice initially wasn’t as strong as it had been.

“Kevin would have to calm me down,” she says. “We’d dim the lights, so I wouldn’t get frustrated.” She even recorded some of her vocals lying flat on her back in the studio, to maker her voice sound stronger. “He made me a bed with a mic bent over it, just to get anything out.”

Trainor’s voice finally returned, allowing her to finish the album, due in December. We couldn’t be happier for her, because we can’t get enough of new single Lips Are Moving.


Help Neon Hitch release her album!


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Jessie J was kicked out of choir for being “too good.”

I dunno how much I believe her, but she always has had a ridiculously powerful voice…

Jessie J has revealed that she was banned from her school choir as she was deemed “too good”.

"I won’t name him because I don’t want him to get abused. He was awful," she said. "He didn’t let me in the school choir because he said I was too good and that the other parents would complain.

I was 11. He was like, ‘You’re too loud’. And to rub my face in it even more, they sang Whistle Down the Wind - which was the show I was in at the time in the West End - for the school concert. So who’s laughing now?


Lily Allen Takes on a New Manager!

Lily Allen has signed with new management — Maverick’s Scott Rodger and Stack House’s Henry Village, Billboard has learned. The news was first reported in this week’s cover story featuring Rodger, founder of Quest Management (Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, Lykke Li) and eight other top music managers who’ve formed a new collective dubbed Maverick. Village also manages a roster that includes U.K. dance acts Rudimental, Gorgon City and Redlight.


Beg For It and The New Classic: Reclassified (?) pre-sale starts Oct. 25th!

Seriously can’t wait!  ”Beg For It (Feat. Mø)” should be fabulous!  The New Classic was one of my favorite albums this year and a re-release should be even better! + there’s an Ellie Goulding collab on there.  

Britney brings in $20 million for Planet Hollywood

It’s proof that superstar power is a necessary component of a Las Vegas hotel’s success story. In this case, it’s Britney Spears, who helped turn around the fortunes of Planet Hollywood despite the critics. Wall Street gaming experts saythe pop princess has revitalized the property and helped turn its one-time dismal financial picture into a real profit center.

The financial insiders are paying attention because she’s boosted the hotel casino’s annual operating earnings by about $20 million. Now we understand why the first run of her contract ending next year was renewed for an additional two years.
Caesars Entertainment, when it was Harrah’s, took over Planet Hollywood after its $870-million default on debt obligations.Wall Street insiders say Britney has been single-handedly instrumental in helping fill its 2,520 rooms and boosting the profits to nearly $100 million that Caesars is using to modernize the Quad into the new Linq hotel and redecorating and upgrading the rooms and pools at Planet Hollywood.